The following rules and regulations have been established to ensure the safety and sanitary operation of the Kenwood Swim & Tennis Club pools and club facilities and for the safety, protection, and benefit of all members and their guests.

The pool board reserves the right to revise these Rules and Regulations at any time. In the event of revision or addition, the membership will be approximately and timely informed. All members are requested to familiarize themselves, their children, and guests with these Rules and Regulations, to observe them, and obey the instructions of the manager and staff.

Lifeguards are expected to exercise their best judgment and have full authority to act in order to ensure the safety of all swimmers. Everyone can enjoy the pool if mutual respect is given to each member, guest, and staff. Any problems should be brought to the attention of the pool manager and not discussed with the lifeguards while they are guarding. 

All patrons agree to these rules upon entrance.

General Rules

  • All persons using the club facilities do so at their own risk.
  • No person shall enter the pool without a lifeguard on duty.
  • No one will be permitted into the club without a valid membership or paid guest fee.
  • Adults are responsible for the close supervision of their own children.
  • Members and guests are responsible for cleaning their area before they leave the pool. Please place your trash in a garbage can and see that your children do the same. Recycling cans are located by the pump room and the concession stand.
  • Children must be aged 12 or over to be at the pool or using club facilities without a parent or babysitter. Those under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or older.
  • Pets are not permitted inside the club.
  • Smoking, e-cigarettes, and vaping are not permitted inside the club. The designated area is on the east side of the property near the metal fence gate outside the club.
  • Bicycles, scooters, roller blades, and all other non-motorized, wheeled vehicles are not allowed inside the club’s fenced grounds, including the tennis courts; designated parking is available outside the club in the parking lot.
  • KSTC assumes no liability for the loss of or damage to members’ belongings. Items left in the club area at the end of the day will be placed in the lost and found and donated intermittently throughout the season.
  • You may bring your own food and drinks to the club. However, glass of any kind is strictly prohibited anywhere in the club, including the pool deck, shelters, grass, tennis courts, and parking lot.
  • Regulations prohibit food and drinks from being consumed in the pool. No food is permitted on the tennis court.
  • Conduct which endangers the safety and comfort of others shall be prohibited.
  • Profanity, improper behavior, intoxication and use of illegal substances, drugs, and weapons is not allowed.
  • The cost of any damage to the club or its facilities will be charged to the responsible member. Members are responsible for their guests.
  • All injuries must be reported to the pool manager.
  • The pool manager or lifeguard(s) are authorized to determine who is acting inappropriately and handle rule violations. If a member or guest repeats the behavior(s) they will be removed from the facility for the day, and possibly the rest of the season at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Pool Deck Rules

  • No running. No pushing. No boisterous or rough play.
  • All alcoholic drinks (beer, wine, mixed drinks, etc.) must be in plastic cups and/or permitted (i.e., non-glass) containers. All cans must be in a koozie.
  • Do not dive in areas marked “No Diving.”
  • Chairs are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please be respectful and only put belongings on chairs you will use. Ideally, members will not hold chairs for longer than 30 minutes without having someone there.
  • All children who cannot swim must have an adult parent or guardian within arm’s reach at all times. This rule applies even if a child is wearing a safety or life jacket.

Water Safety Rules / Pool Etiquette

  • Lap lane is for continuous swimming only.
  • Kick boards are for lap swimming only.
  • No hanging on lap lanes or ropes.
  • Starting blocks are for swim team use only.
  • Safety breaks will be called periodically throughout the day. Members and guests aged 18 and older are permitted to remain in the pool during this time. The only exceptions to the rule are infants and children under 2 years of age in the arms of those 18 and older parents or guardians.
  • Excessive splashing, shoving, chicken fights, and dunking are prohibited.
  • No hanging on the basketball hoop. All users must be in the water when playing basketball.
  • No hard, rubber, or tennis balls in the pool.
  • Rafts must not obstruct the view of the lifeguard. Rafts will not be allowed in the pool when it is too crowded.
  • Flotation devices must be American Red Cross of Coast Guard approved – no water wings permitted.
  • Children who are not completely potty trained must wear swim diapers. No disposable diapers are permitted.
  • Persons with open cuts, sores, colds, coughs, or infected eyes are not permitted in the pool.
  • Please do not enter the pool if your body is dirty from either work or sports activities; please shower off first.
  • The use of the wading pool shall be limited to children under 6 years of age with direct adult supervision by a parent or guardian. No lifeguard on duty.
  • Absolutely no diving, jumping, or running into or around the wading pool.

Diving Area Rules

  • Only members or guests who can swim without assistance may use the diving boards.
  • Only one person is allowed on the diving board at one time.
  • Swimming through the diving area is prohibited except to clear the area following a dive or when a lifeguard has closed the diving area and announced that swimming is permitted.
  • Swim directly to the appropriate ladder to exit the pool.
  • Divers must make sure the diving area is clear (wait until the previous diver has reached the ladder) before you dive.
  • Jumping off the sides of the diving boards and hanging off of the diving board is prohibited.
  • Gainers, reverse dives, and other complicated dives, are to only be done with a coach present during diving practice.
  • No diving with goggles or life jackets.
  • Parents or guardians may not “catch” or assist a non-swimmer going off a diving board.
  • The diving board fulcrum will remain locked and fulcrum in the forwardmost position at all times except diving practice and meets.

Playground Rules

  • The playground is for children aged 12 and under.
  • Adults and guardians are responsible for their children.
  • When getting on or off of the equipment, make sure there is no one in the way.
  • Use equipment as it is intended to be used. No climbing over the top of the playset.
  • Please place trash in a trashcan.


  • Upon seeing lightning or hearing thunder, the lifeguards will clear the pool. As mandated by the American Red Cross, the pool, steps, and gutter must remain cleared 30 minutes from the last clap of thunder or 30 minutes from the last bolt of lightning, whichever is longer.
  • The pool manager or lifeguard(s) may close all or portions of the club facilities for any health, safety, maintenance, or weather issue.

Guest Policy

  • All guests shall be accompanied by a member of the club at all times and agree to all pool rules.
  • The guest fee is $5 per person per visit.
  • Non-members may be guests at the KSTC facilities up to 5 times per season. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the pool board upon written request.