Pool Deck Safety Rules

  • NO RUNNING on the pool deck.
  • NO GLASS of any kind allowed on the pool deck.
  • No food or drink in the pool or by pool ledges.
  • Alcohol must be in a plastic cup. All cans must be in a Koozie.
  • Rough play, pushing other people, dunking, riding, sitting, throwing off or diving off shoulder or hands is prohibited.
  • No roller blades or scooters allowed inside the club.

Water Safety Rules

  • Hanging on safety ropes, lane lines, diving boards and playing on ladders is not allowed.
  • Hanging on the basketball hoop is not allowed. All users must be in the water when playing basketball.
  • Three whistles = exit the pool.
  • When the pool is crowded, rafts are not allowed.
  • No hard footballs, baseballs or tennis balls in the pool.
  • Water wings or “swimmies” will be permitted only in the shallow end of the pool and an adult must be within arms’ reach of the child.
  • Please observe the no diving signs. To prevent spinal injuries, dive only in the deep end when the boards are closed.
  • Conduct which endangers the safety and comfort of others shall be prohibited.

Diving Board Rules

  • Dive straight off the board.
  • Restrict your approach to one bounce.
  • No eye goggles when using diving boards as eye injury could result if they slip due to water pressure.
  • One person is allowed on the diving board at a time.
  • Swim directly to the appropriate ladder to exit the pool. Do not swim through the lap lane. Do not swim under the boards.
  • Wait until the previous swimmer has reached the ladder before going to the end of the board.
  • Back dives, cartwheels, gainers, and non-standard inward dives, are not permitted. (Adults 18+ may sign a liability waiver)
  • Flotation devices of any type (including water wings or life jackets) are not allowed on diving boards.
  • Individuals may not enter deep end to assist children jumping from the board. Child must be able to swim to the ladder without assistance.
  • The diving board will remain locked and fulcrum in the forward most position at all times other than dive practice and dive meets.

General Rules

  • No person shall enter the pool without a lifeguard on duty.
  • Adult swim is for members 18+ years of age. The only exception shall be infants under 2 years of age in the arms of 18+ parents or guardians.
  • Children must be age 12+ to be at the pool without a parent or babysitter unless they meet following criteria. Must be at least 9 years of age, pass a swim test (swim the length of the pool up and back, tread water for one minute, jump off board and swim to ladder) and parents must sign a liability waiver.
  • Non toilet trained children or recently toilet trained children must wear swim diapers and swimsuits.
  • Kick boards are allowed for lap swimming only. Not for play.
  • Lap lanes are for continuous swimming. Lane must remain clear for lap swimmers at all times including when it is not in use.
  • Pets are not permitted inside the club.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the club. Designated smoking area is on the east side of the property near the metal fence gate outside of the club.
  • All refuse and waste papers must be deposited in trash cans. Recycling cans are located by the Pump Room and the Concessions. Please make sure your sitting area is free of trash when you leave.
  • No food is allowed on the tennis court.
  • Any adult playing tennis may request a child who is not playing tennis to vacate the tennis court.
  • KSTC assumes no liability for the loss of members’ belongings. Items left in the pool area at the end of the day will be placed in lost and found and donated after the season.
  • The pool manager or lifeguard may close all or portions of the pool for any safety or maintenance issue.
  • Shelter reservations are taken at the front desk and are done on a first come first serve basis.
  • Chairs are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please be respectful and only put belongings on chairs you will use.
  • Do not engage lifeguards in conversations while they are guarding. Please see the manager of the day or the front desk for nonemergency assistance.
  • Management/lifeguards are authorized to handle rule violations and may give “time outs” at their discretion. If a member repeats the behavior(s) they may be requested to leave the facility.

Guest Policy

  • Non-members may be guests at KSTC facilities up to 5 times during a season.
  • The guest fee shall be $5 per person per visit.
  • All guests shall be accompanied by a member at all times.