As the Kenwood Swim & Tennis Club prepares for the 2020 season, we’ve heard lots of questions. See below for common questions and answers:

Q: Since the age requiring a chaperone at the pool was increased to 15 years old this season, is my child able to be dropped off for swim team practice without a chaperone?

A: Yes! The age was increased so that we can ensure responsible chaperones are available to redirect their children in maintaining social distance (this will not be the lifeguards’ responsibility). Since the swim team is an organized activity with coaches facilitating practice drills, a child less than 15 years old can come alone.

Q: Will swim team participants need to leave the club after practices are complete and before the pool opens for the day at 11 a.m.?
A: Yes. SwimSafe employees need to clean after practices and before members arrive. To be able to do this thoroughly, everyone will need to leave and reenter at 11 a.m.

Q: If my family is in the pool already, can one parent swap for another without waiting in line?
A: No. If there is a “one in, one out” situation, the parent will need to wait in line.

Q: If we wish to stay longer than 3 hours on days in which we are required to sign up for our pool spot, can we sign up for the next block of time if there is open availability?
A: Yes. 30 minutes before the next time slot, you will be allowed to sign up for the next block of time if there is open availability. You will need to leave the pool during the cleaning time (30 minutes) and reenter after cleaning.

Q: Will the basketball hoops and play sets be in use?
A: Yes. The basketball hoops will be open for play however players must bring their own ball. The play sets will be open in accordance with Governor DeWine’s order, which gives the OK for outdoor playgrounds and play sets to open on June 10th.

And…..A new playset is scheduled to be delivered July 2nd!