Go to the KSTC Reservation System

Step 1: Create account.

Each membership will need to create an account — click “Create a new user account” to do this.

After following the prompts and successfully creating an account, please remember the username and password to be able to make future reservations.

Step 2: Reserve Time Slot:

● Click the calendar date on which you wish to make a reservation, and then the desired time slot.

● Click “Create new reservation,” enter your information and the number of people that will be accompanying you during this time.

● Upon completion, you will notice a banner at the top of the page stating “Reservation successfully created.”


We know everyone is super excited to get into the water, but in order to create a great experience for all guests, we are asking that each membership only reserve one time slot per day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If, at the end of your time, there is available occupancy in the next time slot, you may make another reservation.

Please do not do this ahead of time.

Please cancel your reservation at least 15 minutes before the start time to allow other members opportunity.

Repeatedly failing to cancel reservations accordingly may prompt loss of advance reservation privileges.