General Rules


    1. All participants MUST be members of the PPSL club which they are representing
    2. Age groups will conform with the rules and regulations of the PPSL
    3. All participants will submit an appropriate and completed dive sheet (including the dive number and letter, description, and degree of difficulty) at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the meet during dual meets.  For finals, a list of entries, including alternates, must be sent to the host club by the specified deadline.  Completed dive sheets must be submitted to the host club by the specified deadline.  Failure to follow these guidelines will result in disqualification.
    4. Only changes in the POSITION of the dive are permitted once the meet has begun.  If a change in position is made, the lower degree of difficulty will be used.
    5. During dual meets and finals, dives will be performed in the order stated in the PPSL rules.  If dives are performed out of order or not representing the proper groups, the diver will be disqualified.
    6. Discrepancies in the diving sheet will be governed by the DIVE NUMBER and LETTER, not the written description of the dive.
    7. Age groups or events may be combined to facilitate the completion of the meet.  This is at the discretion of the host club.
    8. In dual meets, three (3) boys and three (3) girls may represent each club in each age group.
    9. Each team will be permitted a maximum of thirty (30) exhibition DIVES.
    10. A diver may not dive in any age group other than his/her age group, according to his/her age as of June 1st of the current year.  If a diver does dive in one age group and swims in another, he/she is disqualified and ALL points scored through their participation will be lost (including relays).

Time of Meet

    1. Dual meets will be held in conjunction with the swim meets.  Warm-ups begin at 3:00 pm for the home team, and 3:30 pm for the visiting team.  The meet will start promptly at 4:00 pm.
    2. Finals will be scheduled at the League meeting in January.
    3. Age groups for finals will be assigned as follows:
        1. 8 & under girls and boys will be followed by the 15-18 girls and boys on the first day of competition
        2. 9-10 girls and boys, will be followed by the 11-12 girls and boys, and finishing with the 13-14 girls and boys on the second day of competition


    1. The host team will provide three (3) competent judges
    2. The visiting team will provide two (2) competent judges
    3. One of the five (5) judges will be designated as the referee.
    4. All judges should make every effort to attend one diving clinic to become knowledgeable and confident in scoring the execution of the dives.
    5. The visiting team shall provide at LEAST one (1) experienced table worker.
    6. In the event that five (5) judges cannot be found, three (3) judges may be used.
    7. It is highly recommended that the referee hold an informational meeting prior to the start of every competition.  This is to be held with the coaches and the judges.  This will allow time to discuss rules, weather conditions, or any problems that may arise.
    8. Judges must refrain from conversing with each other during the events.


    1. Each club will be responsible for providing workers as assigned by the host team.  Failure to do so could result in disqualification.  The judging will be conducted by qualified people.  NOTE:  NO JUDGE  MAY BE A PPSL COMPETITOR
    2. The host club for Finals will provide programs which shall include each diver’s name and club, and event order.
    3. The host club for Finals will charge an admission fee.  Programs will also be made available, for a fee.
    4. All clubs are expected to compete in Finals.  If this is impossible for any reason, then the host club must be notified in advance.


    1. Points and awards will be given to place winners as regulated by the PPSL
    2. All team points will be applied to the swimming team points for total team standings

Entry requirements for Finals

    1. Each club will be permitted four entries in each age group (2 girls and 2 boys).  One alternate per age group or event may be added to the final roster.
    2. A list of entries for Finals is due to the host club by the specified deadline.
    3. Each participant will complete and sign one diving sheet which will be sent to the host club by the specified deadline.  After being checked, these sheets will be photocopied by the host club so that two (2) sheets will be available for scoring.
    4. Any change of diver or dives must be made fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the competition.
    5. In any event with more than sixteen (16) divers, with the exception of 8 & unders, cuts will be made as mandated in the PPSL rules.
    6. All points from the rounds will be cumulative.  Awards and points for finalists will be presented as established by the PPSL.


  1. As we follow the guidelines set forth by USA Diving, the following will be adopted as of 7/24/13:  standing take-offs are permitted during competition and the judges will score the dive as they see fit. .
  2. Fall dives (both forward and backward) will have a cap score of 2 ½ points.
  3. Inclement Weather Policy for A Championships: If, during the course of the championship meet, inclement weather occurs, the first course of action will be to wait the 30 minute policy to see if the thunder/lightning will pass.  If the inclement weather continues for an extended period of time, the meet will be postponed and will be rescheduled as follows:
    1. If the severe weather occurs on the first day of competition (Thursday), those groups participating and affected will return and compete the next day, at the conclusion of the 13-14 competition.
    2. If the severe weather occurs on the second day of competition (Friday), those groups participating and affected will return to the host club, and compete in the morning on the Sunday following.
    3. If, in the event, the severe weather continues into the third day of competition, the meet will be canceled and the meet will be scored as is, from the last completed event.
    4. If any of the judges are unable to return for the 3rd day, we will continue with 3 judges from the original panel.  If 3 are unavailable, a judge will be chosen that day, by the PPSL Dive Chair.